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All laser treatments can be sold by session , however usually 3-7 treatments are required to fully treat that area. So all our listed pricing is based by package of 3 sessions, if you choose only 1 session please come visit our staff for pricing. Pricing below is for women , men usually have larger areas of hair and thus might be slightly increased in cost. 



Bikini Line

Upper Lip



belly button line 

ONLY $349 -3 sessions


Half arms/Half Leg



ONLY $599 -3 sessions


Full Back

Full Legs

Brazilian Bikini

Full Arms

Full Face

ONLY $999-3 sessions


Laser Hair Removal with Lumenis Splendor X

Unwanted hair can be embarrassing and a hassle to remove. Imagine if you could significantly reduce or eliminate unwanted hair pain free with the newest Lumenis Splendor X. Now you can. Laser hair removal, available now at Radiant Beauty MedSpa, can safely reduce, with minimal risk, unwanted hair from any part of the face or body. It’s an effective option for most men and women.

About Laser Hair Removal

This noninvasive laser treatment uses gentle beams of light to get rid of hair. The hair’s melanin (the part that gives hair its color) absorbs the light, which turns into heat. The heat damages the follicle (but not the surrounding skin or tissue) and prevents it from producing more hair.

Laser hair removal can treat hair anywhere on the face or body. Women often treat the bikini area, chin, upper lip, and legs. Men can safely eliminate unwanted hair from all places as well. 

What Is the Treatment Like?

Administered by a licensed technician or physician, a small hand-held laser device used to deliver the light beams is placed on the treatment area. You might experience some mild discomfort during the session-like the feeling of a rubber band snapping against your skin.  During the procedure you’ll wear tinted goggles to protect your eyes from the laser light.

For each treatment area, we typically schedule 3 to 7 sessions about 4 to 8 weeks apart.

Am I A Candidate?

Laser hair removal works when the light beams are absorbed by the melanin in the hair shaft and follicle. People with dark hair are considered the best candidates. Blonde, gray, and strawberry-blonde hair may not absorb the laser light. And contrast between the hair and your skin is also important, so people with dark skin may not have enough contrast for the beams to be absorbed by the hair follicle.

Each person responds differently to laser hair removal. Some may require more treatments than others. And sometimes laser hair removal can’t eliminate hair completely. If some hair does grow back, it’s usually thinner and finer than before the treatment.

What Can I Expect Before and After Treatment?

Before Your Treatment

You can prepare for laser hair removal by not waxing or plucking hairs in the treatment area for 4 to 6 weeks before your treatment; hair follicles must be present to be treated. You can still shave and, in fact, you’ll be asked to shave your treatment area 24 to 48 hours before your scheduled appointment.

Because laser hair removal depends on the color of your skin and hair, you should not sun tan for a minimum of 6 weeks before your treatment.

After Your Treatment

There may be some redness or bumps immediately after the treatment, but nothing expected to keep you from your daily activities. Some people briefly apply an icepack to their treatment area. You don’t need time to recover after your session, so you can participate in almost all your regular activities immediately after your appointment. You should, however, avoid exposure to the sun for the following 4 to 6 weeks.

Are There Any Risks?

Laser hair removal is a safe procedure, but there are some risks. Some people may experience redness, swelling, bruising, blistering, or superficial skin erosions that are temporary and heal with time. Another risk is skin discoloration, which can last for several months or may be permanent.

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